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I am glad to tell you something about roller coaster toys and my passion for it. At first place, I have not always been ethusiastic about roller coasters. In my youth I was a bit scared for a real amusement park ride: Carowind and its coasters for example. Unless these anxiety I found it very intriguing, especially the speed and accelation. Maybe you can recognize that feeling. It took until last adolescent years that I took first step in a real amusement park ride. It was a relief.

By interesting I played with many coaster toys. Already in childhood I played with bead toys. Later on these toys were replaced by toddler coasters, to be exact lifesize children rides. Nowadays we have Step 2 roller coasters. It was a bit like that, up down coaster with building components. Even my father liked to have a seat on it, but that was not his smartest idea.

In my late elementary school time, my interest in building and rollercoaster constructions became more and more. Knex was a knew brand at that moment. At first instance, I did not play many with it. I only had a few small sets. But then, for my birthday I got a large Knex ride. Nowadays it is known as the original Knex coaster. That time coaster to build it yourself was quite unique. In a complete week working on it with a little help of my father I completed this model. I have a picture of the coaster below.


It took unfortenately until almost five years later that Knex released more roller coaster toys. But nowadays there are many different models: small and large, with different colors (more than the original colors), with soundeffects, and so on.

There were also coaster games released. I still remember the high price for the items. I had to save money for a few months to have enough. In comparison to the prices nowadays it was a capital. Fortenately my grandma helped me with it. But my mom was very focused to reduce gaming on the computer. So later we focused more on other roller coaster toys. There became also more rollercoasters available. I enjoyed many new Knex rollercoasters.

Nowadays there are even more roller coaster models available, but I am now nineteen and do not really play much anymore with toys. I sold most of my toy rollercoasters. If I am honest I still use it to build prototypes for cases in my study mechanical engineering. And to do something useful with years of playful experience, I has made this website on which I present rollercoaster toy ideas, classical models and the newest items for each children age. I also show you a few pictures, movies and as bonus even games on this website. I hope you enjoy it. Just let me know how you think about the website. Thanks in advance. 

Feel free to contact me or if something is unclear to you. I like to tell you more about rollercoasters and toys.

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