In this phase the brain develops to 90% of the adult size. So it is very important to incentive the brains. Toddler roller coasters can contribute playful to develop. But keep always safety in mind with children so stick to the requirements. Thence I have arranged the coasters even on the whole website by age. Toddlers also learn in about social roles and to deal with that. It is nice to do things together.

There are different roller coaster toys for toddlers. On scale are the bead coasters with wires and on lifesize up down roller coasters.

Bead coaster
Toddlers will learn the relations in form of objects and colors. This relations promote their learning. A brain works in a comparible way with connections. The more incentives you get the more connections you make. There are small bead coasters upto complete bead tables. The advantage of the bead connected to the wires is that the children cannot take and swallow any object.

Up down roller coaster
For toddlers from two years there is a lifesize up down roller coaster. This ride for toddler is recommended for ages upto five years. It consists several components which can easily be assembled and disassmbled for storage. Children can have a seat on the ride and have fun. It is ideal for in the garden, but could stand also inside home or establishment. This Step2 ride is manufactured in the States.

Up down roller coaster

For older toddlers
For older children there is another model rollercoaster. These is Step2 ride is more intensive. So it is not suitabler for children youger than three years and recommended for children aged from three till eight years. It is also called extreme ride. There is a stair within the slide and one at the backside. It is very sturdy, but unfortenately not suitable for parents. Keep the track and the landing place of the ride in your mind. Then it could be a lot of fun for the children.

extreme coaster step2

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