A classical game for the Super Nintendo is Donkey Kong Country II “Diddy’s Kong Quest”. Grapically one of the best games of the time. But also the non-violency, easy game play and unique themes, like the themepark theme, makes it a top game.

Donkey Kong Krazy Kremland
Impression of the remake of Donkey Kong Country II “Diddy’s Kong Quest” for Nintendo Wii in the World Krazy Kremland

The original game dates already from the year 1995. A year before was the release of the first Donkey Kong Country game. One year after Donkey Kong Country II “Diddy’s Kong Quest” there was a release of the third and last part of the Donkey Kong Country game serie. Graphically was especially Donkey Kong Country II a great improvement compared to the first one.

As a result of the sucesses of the Donkey Kong Country serie there was a remake for the Game Boy Advance almost one decennia later. And recently there is a remake available for the Nintendo Wii.

Rickety Race
Impression of the original Donkey Kong Country II “Diddy’s Kong Quest” for the Super Nintendo

Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong have to reach the keep of captain K. Rool and defeat him. But the longer time takes the journey. After accomplishing the in increasingly becoming creepy Worlds: Gangplank Galleon, Crocodile Cauldron and Krem Quay it is time to challenge the Kremlins in their haunted themepark “Krazy Kremland”.

It start with a quite hard roller coaster level “Target Terror” in which you have to dodge kremlins (see picture above) in reverse direction and other enemies. There has not been done any maintenance for long time on the track so mind the (large) pitfalls. Beside that you have to find the DK (Donkey Kong) coin, like in each level. Despite these golden coins are huge these are hard to find.

The second roller coaster level “Rickety Race” is much harder than the first one. You are contested by more a Kremlin riders: Klanks. If you reach the finish before Klank, you are rewarded. The prize for beating the first Klank is the DK coin!

DK Coin
The coveted golden DK Coin

Even leaving aside whether or not rides, unfortenately there is no real good Donkey Kong on-line game. The most well known on-line Donkey Kong game is also the first one. But in it Donkey Kong is the bad guy who has defeat Mario with explosive barrels. There are also many counterfeiting games, but qualitatively not comparable with the Donkey Kong Country serie. If you do know good games just leave a reply to let us know. It is also possible post it in the forum.

Haunted Hall

Of you think you are done with the roller coaster levels, you are wrong. The most scarying level is still coming: Haunted Hall. This decayed building is dominated by scary ghost Kackle. You are chased by Kackle in its territory. It is not a roller coaster toy anymore.

Haunted Hall
Chased by Kackle in his territory

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