Pirate ships, air ball towers, ferris wheels, spinners, carousels, roller coasters and other exciting attractions. Do you look forward to a daytrip to an amusement park? Or do you rather stay at home and get away from thrilling attractions? You can get the feeling and sensation also at home. Create your own themepark by collecting different attractions.

Knex is known of roller coaster toys. Nowadays there are many models available. Each one has their own special effects and is driven by a motor and chain lift or spinning wheel motor. The special effects, like photo flash, shark chasing, screaming sounds give the ride the nice realistic finish. There are also two dueling rides, namely the ‘Hornet Swarm Dueling’ and the Double Dare Dueling. But a roller coaster does not make a complete amusement park.

An overview of exciting rides with each its own features is shown below. Each package has more features and special effects. Furthermore the collection does not include only single themepark attractions but also a set of various attractions in one set. Small packages are cheaper, but larger packages like a set of various attractions is relative cheaper.

Starbust Spinner
Three features of sensational thrillrides: each feature for a spinning performance driven by a dual motor. The motor and corresponding AA bateries are included.

Pirate Ship Park
You can hear the visitors screaming after the powerful motor starts up and blasts. Then they are expressing their glee when the ships rotates a full circle (360 degrees). The construction is almost 3 feet tall. A motor and corresponding AA bateries are included.

Big Airball Tower
Rollin, rollin, rollin balls. Get the balls rolling. Create one of the three designs or customize it yourself. Various obstacles can give the balls an unexpected twist. Watch it and sure the balls will not hit the pivoting power arm. But use the trampoline to bounce the ball right throught the basket. Amazing!

Corkscrew Canyon
A motorized chainlift will bring the log fume in to the top of a downhill track. Splasing through the rocks will it make one of the most thrilling Knex roller coaster toys. The sound effects, steam machine and a motor plus corresponding AA bateries are included.

Musical Ferris Wheel
Get the carnival atmosphere in home with this ferris wheel attraction. Fun seeking guests of your attraction are enjoying the sight. Relaxing but if they are anxious for heigths, they will scream it out. There is another Knex ferris wheel, even for more excitement. It is two in one model. A roller coaster ride integrated in a ferris wheel. It is called the ferris wheel coaster. A motor and corresponding AA bateries are included.

And last but not least:
The Super Amusement Park
A complete amusement park. What is in it? Three sensational rides: A spin ride, a ferris wheel and a boom ride. Something for everybody in your themepark. It is a nice start of a large amusement park. Three motors plus the corresponding AA bateries are included.

Each construction set contains a comprehensive building manual. More information about roller coaster toys in specific will be shown within two weeks on this site. Ride on!

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